Words from Our Clients

Thank you for everything. I will be forever grateful. Take care. -Lisa J., Casper, WY

I was extremely satisfied with the Injury Law Firm. Michael Shickich and his staff. He told me initially what he could do, explaining everything in detail making it a learning experience for me and my daughter. He continually kept me "in the loop" with what he was doing throughout the long negotiation period. The final settlement was much more than I ever expected and I am certain that this was because I had a very attentive attorney on my side. Kelly Boatman, his paralegal, is always there to answer questions and is most empathetic to what I had endured. Everyone I worked with was always very professional, explaining all the details in the case to me. He has all the newest tech equipment, allowing for phone conferencing as well as zoom meetings. -Monte H., Casper, WY

Michael Shickich is one of the most compassionate, ethical, and hardworking attorneys I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His clients love him and he gets great results because he listens, he knows the law, and he pays attention to detail. Every one at Injury Law Firm is responsive and caring. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough. -Karen B., Casper, WY

It is without hesitation or reservation that we recommend Injury Law Firm, Casper, Wyoming. We have deep gratitude, appreciation, and respect for Michael Shickich, Kelly Boatman, and their team. Michael's response to our needs was timely, thorough, exceptionally professional, and caring in every way. We thank the Lord that we were provided Michael's outstanding care and guidance. His service to clients is beyond reproach, as he is an outstanding professional, and exceptional and special human being. Injury Law Firm is five star in every respect. -The Wallaces, Casper, WY

"I was in a really bad accident and Michael Shickich helped me through these times quite a bit... much more than a lawyer has to do. This man will go above and beyond for you, has a big heart and really does care about you, not just the case. I can say I was lucky to find him and appreciative to have such a professional lawyer on my side. I highly recommend him 6 stars!"

"I contacted his law firm when i was rear ended in October of 2019 when i found out the person who hit me didn't have insurance. My Insurance didn't want to help with an uninsured motorist claim, especially with me being hurt. He helped me get the help i needed and medical bills paid. Through the whole process he called me to check on me and even when he had his own health issues come up he still kept up on my case and checked in with me. Sandy and the other people there were always helpful in answering questions and explaining what's next. I'm so glad i chose to go with him because he showed he cared and wasn't just a money chaser. He even helped get my medical bills down so i would get some money back as well. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an injury lawyer. I can't thank him and his staff enough." -Casper, WY

"My Husband and I contacted Michael when my 1-year old Son was injured. He was quick to take our case and very understanding of its sensitive nature. Michael and his assistant Kelly always kept us updated on the case. They're both very kind and easy to work with. Michael was patient to answer all our questions. He went above and beyond to make sure our child was taken care of. We appreciate all of his hard work on our son's case. He is very personable and always made it a point to ask how our son was doing in his recovery. I could tell that he really cared about us as people. We would definitely recommend him and should the need ever arise we would for sure utilize Michael's services again." - Casper, WY

"The Injury Law Firm team were warriors representing my case. As I felt defeated from my injury they fiercely advocated for my well-being. They valued my personhood by seeing and hearing me. I was immensely cared for by Michael, Kelly and Shannon. They possess expertise, professionalism and a down to earth atmosphere. Their team helped me get through one of the hardest times in my life." - Casper, WY

"I would give this firm a 10-star review if it were possible!! Everyone at this firm is amazing! Kelly, you are an inspiration; you go, girl! Michael is down to earth and didn't look down on us; he treated us with the utmost respect and dignity. This firm was the first place to come up when I Google searched for a lawyer after my family was in a horrible car accident: we were hit by a drunk driver! Michael helped us from day one and was absolutely amazing! You won't be disappointed or blindsided when hiring this firm. Not only were they great but completely honest and have an excellent client to lawyer relationship. Couldn't and still can't believe what they did for my family!! Thank you, Injury Law Firm - you changed our lives!" Casper, WY

"I was new to hiring an attorney for personal injury representation and was honestly cautious at going that route to deal with the situation I was in. After speaking with my sister who is an attorney herself about the details of my situation, she recommended Michael's team. After speaking with Michael, It became clear he was not one of those horror story "ambulance chaser" types we all hear about. He has the experience and fortitude to successfully navigate the whole process while maintaining ethical integrity. His paralegals were very helpful and patient with me through the whole process. From the start he made the situation clearly understood and explained how everything would go, along with making me feel like my interests were his top priority. From someone that had never needed legal representation, I was definitely our of my league but he fought tooth and nail to see that I was made whole, delivering far more than I could have expected. From start to finish, I never had a bad experience with Michael or his team. My thanks go out to the Injury Law Firm!" Casper, WY

"What a fabulous job you and your team have done in representing me in my injury lawsuit. Due to everyone's hard work ... we achieved our goal. I feel that you and your team went above and beyond representing me, at all times during this challenging time in my and my family's life. All of you made sure we were represented in a very professional manner; this helped myself and family maintain positive attitudes while being faced with this situation. I and my family would like to share our experience with anyone needing legal representation, they need to call your team. You will never know what a difference you have made. Thank you." Casper, WY

"I never thought I would need an injury lawyer, then I was the victim of a serious accident and the at-fault party refused to respond. Mr. Shickich's comfortable attitude put me at ease immediately but his at-ease approach did not miss any details. The prospect of being deposed made me nervous but Mr. Shickich was with me throughout the process and helped put my fears to rest. I would highly recommend Mr. Shickich's professional services." Casper, WY

"Dear Mr. Shickich, I appreciated you taking time from your clients to respond to my letter. Thank you for giving me some direction in proceeding with the endeavors of my son's death. It is comforting to know there are kind and considerate people as yourself that are willing to give our family a ray of hope."

"Thanks to each and every one of you for your kindness, sympathy, and all you have done for me. I so appreciate each of you! It has been very difficult but each of you have helped out a lot. Love you all!" Casper, WY

"Thanks for all your advice on my Granddaughter's dog bite - not many people in this worked would do something for someone and not expect anything. Thanks again." Casper, WY

"Dear Michael, Just a quick note to thank you for your continued efforts on my behalf. Regardless of the outcome, I want you to know I appreciate you. My regards to you and your lovely family." Casper, WY

"Michael Shickich was retained by my husband in a worker's comp case in Wyoming. We live in Michigan and probably wouldn't have had a chance in the work of winning our case. Mike helped us more than he will ever know. Thank you." Michigan

"I realize I should have sent this note a long time ago and told you what an EXCELLENT job I felt that you did for me and excellent doesn't even say it - I thought you were awesome that day in court."

"Michael and Sandy, Just a small thank you for you and Sandy taking your time to visit with me in the concerns of my mother. I appreciate all you have done."

"Dear Mr. Shickich, Thank you for all you did for me concerning my accident.... I'm very grateful. God Bless."

"Dear Michael, We thoroughly appreciate the time and effort you extended on our behalf. May you have a wonderful holiday season and a fulfilling year."

"Michael, I wanted to say THANK YOU for your effort in helping me find answers. Beyond words, I appreciate your assistance, support, effort, and kindness which you gave me. You made a difference in my world and I thank you for that."

"Mr. Shickich, We would like to thank you and your staff for everything you did for us." Casper, WY

"Michael, Thank you so much for taking your time to help [client] with her questions on her complaint. I really appreciate our friendship with you both." Casper, WY

"Thanks for all your work with my insurance company!"

"Dear Mr. Shickich, I just wanted to let you know what an impact on my life you've had! You stuck by me at times when I thought I was worthless! I'll never be able to express the thanks and appreciation I have for all you've done for me! When I felt like everyone thought horrible of me for what I've done and could never forgive me, you were there with an encouraging word! Even still to this day you can make my day a little brighter."

"Dear Mr. Michael, Thank you for the helmet. I wear it all the time." - child Casper, WY

"Thanks for all your help." Casper, WY

"I retained Michael after a motor vehicle accident, to assist in reaching a settlement with a recalcitrant insurance company. I was injured when the insured party failed to yield at a stop sign and hit my vehicle. The insurance company refused to acknowledge my injuries, and would not pay my vehicle claim. Once I retained Michael, he and his staff worked tirelessly to bring my claim to a successful close. I was impressed by his honesty and candor, and his staff kept me up to date on developments. I received a settlement check today, and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney." Casper, WY

"Michael, thank you so much for everything you have done for me! It truly means the world!"Casper, WY

"I wanted to thank Michael and you for all your hard work on our cases and waving fees on [Client's] settlement we really appreciate it! You are truly great people, thank you!"Casper, WY

"I had an excellent experience with Injury Law Firm. Attorney Michael Shickich is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and handled my complex case efficiently. His Paralegal, Kelly, promptly returned my phone calls and emails. They kept me updated throughout the case and answered any question I had. They truly cared about my wellbeing. I am grateful for their hard work and dedication. I would highly recommend Injury Law Firm, they have exceeded my expectations for legal services."

"Michael and his staff were very courteous, professional responsive to my call. They both quickly returned my call. His assistant asked all the relative questions and discussed my issue in a very professional manner. Michael took the time to address the issues of the person who I was trying to help. Michael discussed the issues with us and gave us the best options. Later Michael on his own gave me a follow-up up call to see how things went. He truly cares about his clients and wants the best!! I will always refer people to him!"

What Co-Counsel Have Said

"I am very pleased we were able to get the case settled. It could not have been done without your assistance. Truly, the only regret is that it ends the only case that allows me to continue working with you. It has definitely been the most enjoyable co-council relationship I have ever experienced. Your friendship and professionalism mean a great deal to me, so I want to keep in touch, and I hope that we get to work together again in the future. If I can make it to one of the Trial [Lawyers] College events, I will let you know. There is a great deal for me to learn from you and the TLC staff. Thank you again for your work on this case." -Co-Counsel, California 2016